I perform evaluations for Children, Adolescents, & Adults -each unique to the individual

  • Forensic evaluations in all cases include comprehensive assessments of diagnostic, risk, and treatment or intervention issues in all contexts
  • Psychosexual evaluation of adolescents is premised on empirical research supporting the role of varying etiologies, developmental patterns, and dynamic or situational factors
  • The trajectory of criminal or antisocial behavior in adolescents is often qualitatively or fundamentally different than adults

Barry Zakireh, Ph.D.​​

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​​Forensic and Clinical Psychologist 


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​​Forensic Services and Evaluations​

  • Full range of assessment and treatment referral services for the needs of individuals with sexual behavioral problems, sexual offenses, and sexual victimization 
  • Services for a variety of issues in criminal or civil settings, including individuals with accusations, charges, or convictions for sexual offenses
  • Professional sexual misconduct
  • Sexual abuse allegations in custody related, parenting, and family court or social services (e.g., CYS; DHS) 
  • Forensic services for males and females
  • Forensic services for children, adolescents, and adults.  
  • Variety of referral sources including individuals, attorneys, Federal, State, or local criminal justice and social service agencies
  • Nationally recognized and validated methods and measures

Forensic psychological and psychosexual evaluations include:

  • Evaluation of risk for sexual and non-sexual violence
  • Rape, child sexual abuse, other sexual behavior problems
  • Paraphilic Disorders 
  • Child pornography and online offenders
  • Evaluation of clergy referred for sexual misconduct 
  • Evaluation of physicians, and other professionals with sexual misconduct 
  • Assessment of child sexual abuse or trauma
  • Treatment and Intervention Referrals


 Other Forensic Evaluations

  • General psychological testing
  • Cognitive competencies
  • Assessment of personality and psychopathology
  • Assessment & treatment of sexual compulsivity and sexual addictions
  • Juvenile Decertification/Certification and violence risk assessments
  • Parenting and custody-related evaluations, involving allegations of sexual misconduct 

Clinical Services

  • Outpatient treatment for children, adolescents, or adult males and females with sexual behavior problems
  • Outpatient treatment for all age groups for emotional or behavioral issues including depression, anxiety, anger, and adjustment problems 
  • Treatment modalities include individual and group psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral interventions, and family therapy
  •  Referral for psychiatric consultation and partial or inpatient hospitalization services as indicated 

Consultation & Educational Services

  • Expert consultation related to risk assessment procedures, standards of practice, program development,
  • Issues related to supervision and treatment of offenders
  • Supervision of professionals and clergy with sexual misconduct
  • Supervision or training of clinical personnel involved in psychological interventions in civil or criminal systems